Murano Island


What better occasion than a trip to Murano to visit the famous furnaces?


Our team is at your complete disposal to organize a tour to Murano to discover the fascinating world of glass, it will be a unique and extraordinary experience where you will be able to perceive the true soul of Murano and where you can discover the secrets of the art of glass. A journey through time made of flavors, colors and authentic atmospheres. The private shuttle service will be waiting for you at our private landing place and at the furnace a multilingual staff will wait for you and guide you inside the factory for a visit of the working spaces and overall for showing you the enchanting glassmaking by the glass masters. At the end of this magical tour the shuttle will be more than happy to take you back to the unique and inimitable Piazza San Marco.





Gondola tour


Experience the thrill of the Gondola ride too!


Oak, fir, elm, cherry, larch, walnut, linden and mahogany. Symbol of Venice, over the years the gondola has undergone a long transformation and only in the twentieth century took on the shape we know today, with an asymmetry on the longitudinal axis that allows the gondolier to maneuver the boat more easily. It is about 11 meters long and originally its traditional black color was due to the customary use of pitch as a waterproofing agent for the hull. The gondola is built and sheltered in small yards called squeri, such as the Squero di San Trovaso.


Venetian Atelier


We are made of the same stuff dreams are made of … 
– William Shakespeare-


Venice offers you the opportunity to immerse yourself in history and traditions, to relive the mysterious Venice, book your dream at the reception and experience the emotion of wearing the clothes of the past, to take your creations home with the workshop proposals of the typical masks or immortalize your time as a protagonist with photo sets with the most mysterious corners of Venice in the background.



Venice Gran Canal Tour


The adventure in the lagoon! Experience the thrill of a tour aboard the most luxurious wooden boats and discover a Venice never seen before.





Tours and excursions


We will be happy to assist you in choosing and booking tours and excursions with multilingual guides.